Popsicle stick crafts – bow and arrow

Popsicle stick crafts – bow and arrow

Popsicle stick crafts – love this bow and arrow!

If you are anything like us, you’ll be washing and stashing those ice lolly sticks this time of year… We can’t bear to see Popsicle sticks going into the bin, so they are discretely popped clean into the drawer for the next time we think of a craft to use them for.Popsicle stick bow and arrow

Wow then, when we saw this most adorable little bow and arrow set from sheknows.com – utterly adorable, and perfect for that little Robin Hood and Maid Marion in your life.

They look pretty straightforward to make, and why didn’t we think of them ourselves! A great little recycling project for you to do with your kids.

You know they could make the cutest Valentine’s Day card too don’t you – Cupid would love these Popsicle stick craft bow and arrow!

Over to sheknows.com for the full instructions.


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