Pringle Pot Makeover with map

Pringle Pot Makeover with map

Pringle Pot Makeover with map

Pringle Pot Makeover with mapHow about this for a really cool Pringle pot makeover?!
Not usually being a chip or crisp eating family, when a box (tube?) of Pringles makes its way into our house via a party, or a trip to the cinema with friends, we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to toss the tube into the recycling bin.

The shape of the Pringle pot just completely cries out to be MADE into something else doesn’t it?! And they’ve very thoughtfully included a re-usable lid, so let’s do it!

I guess a good clean out of the inside would be in order, to remove any grease or salt residue, however if you were going to be storing dried spagetti in the pringle pot, that wouldn’t be such an issue…

With the advent of the satnav in your car, or on your mobile phone, printed maps may well become extinct too – so save them for such a great craft upcycle as seen on

What a brilliant way to upcycle old street maps, because quite frankly they are a thing of beauty aren’t they? We’re always looking for a quirky storage idea – let’s hide the mess!

What would you store in your Pringle Pot!?




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