Rainbow Cake – Easy and fun

Rainbow Cake – Easy and fun

Rainbow Cake

rainbow cakesWow – a rainbow cake you say? Let’s see if our kids are up for this? Oh yes! >>> Every kid seems to love a rainbow – whether it’s spotting one from the back seat of the car on a sunny / rainy day or – as in this case – on your plate!! These would make an amazing St Patrick’s Day Activity for kids!

There are many exciting ways to enjoy a rainbow, and we’ve seen LOADS of overly complicated ways to make a rainbow cake, so we were thrilled to find this mega simple and quick way of making a rainbow cake which won’t take long at all and can be rustled up at the drop of the hat for a special playdate or birthday party.

And don’t forget St Patrick’s Day too in March! What a great St Paddy’s Day party – rainbows and pots of gold – brilliant idea!!

We won’t spoil HOW these are made, so you need to go check out the blog post over on cosmocookie.blogspot.co.uk as you won’t believe how simple it was to make these!

Needless to say, we think you will all enjoy this recipe (and eating it all up too!

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