Scandi Hama Bead Ornaments

Beautiful Scandinavian Hama Bead Ornaments


Right.. who said Hama Beads were just for kids??? We adore hama beads in our house and LOVE to get crafty with them. The kids particularly make tons of little figures and shapes. We have also experimented with making “cookie cutter ornaments“, hama bead bracelets and hama bead money boxes…. but I think today, I fell in love with Hama Beads all over again. Yes, we have made hama bead ornaments, yes we love them.. but oh boy, these Scandinavian inspired Hama Bead Ornaments are simply ADORABLE!!!! Don’t you think these are just great? I would be proud to have these on my Christmas tree or adorning some gift wrap!

More info on Sew and So!

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