TP Roll Frog & Fly Game

TP Roll Frog Game

TP ROLL FROG - tp roll game ideas - turn your tp roll into a frog and fly catching game

If you know me, you will now that I ADORE all things TP Roll… I find that TP Rolls are so incredibly versatile and that there are so so sooooooo many things you can make out of said humble item (check out some of our favourite TP Roll Crafts). And TP rolls are FREE! They make such a BRILLIANT craft material for kids, as they can use up as many as they like and create so many different things and it doesn’t matter if they “use too many” or have to “start their project again”. It is also a great way to recycle and teach kids about the environment, as well as stimulate their imagination and creativity: what can this TP Roll be turned into today?!

I ADORE this TP Roll Frog and fly game from One Perfect Day (do hop over – no pun intended and take a look now). I love that not only has she turned the look roll into an adorable little frog, but she has also turned it into a great “ball catching game”. So so so clever and oh so cute!

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