trash can bin makeover

trash can bin makeoverTrash can bin makeover

Whether in the classroom, or in the playroom at home, encouraging the kids to tidy up after themselves is a chore in itself!

So the plan for this new term is to create different bins for different parts of the playroom Рa place for soft toys, one for lego, or musical instruments (or play swords if you are us!) And, well, I would NEVER have thought of doing this Рwhat a really brilliant idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun!

We love the idea of making the different bins, or trash cans, colourful and eye-catching hopefully will encourage those small and large kids to actually join in with the sorting – and could also be used in the same way for the different recycling bins in the kitchen? One for glass, one for paper and so on – what do you think? Check out the full post here:


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