upcycled birds nest

upcycled birds nest

upcycled birds nestWe love this upcycled birds nest!

Who wants a ‘must keep this for Easter’ craft to bookmark? This is the one! We have made birds nests with paper mache, and we’ve made little birds nests into¬†necklaces, in fact we LOVE a birds nest!

It’s such a simple thing to make if you know how, and artbarblog have come up with a really simple way to make the upcycled birds nest look and feel just right….

We think that not only would they make a great table decoration for Easter, they would also be a fab pressie, filled with sweet treats, or somewhere to keep precious bits of jewellery too… Just imagine them as a gift – filled with little chocolate eggs, and sitting on top of the eggs, some fun origami birds! tweet tweet!

So to find out how artbarblog made these lovely upcycled birds nest, click here 


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  1. linda at 8:15 pm

    I love this idea. I was wondering if I could use shredded up comics from tue sunday paper?