Washi Tape Ornaments & Gift Tags

Washi Tape Ornaments and Gift Tags

Funny how the “Ugly Sweater” has become something almost iconic. In years past they were worn with embarrassment and preferably in very very dark rooms, but these days, we celebrate the season of the UGLY SWEATER and bring them out with pride. And as much as we love our Ugly Sweaters to wear, we also let the Ugly Sweaters influence our creativity. Here we have some fabulous cute Washi Tape Ugly Sweater Ornaments. I think they would also work fabulously well as gift tags (or maybe as bot gift tag AND ornament.. or let’s go a step further and create a Washi Tape Ornament/ Greeting card too – oh the possibilities….).

Read all about them over onĀ Living La Vida Holoka

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I also love this idea of turning Washi Tape into easy DIY Stickers! How cute!

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