Patriotic 4th July Games

Patriotic 4th July Games

We love party games. Any excuse to get making and having a fun game is good for us. And with the 4th July coming up – there will be lots of celebrations – garden parties. 4th July BBQs, family and friends. And though kids are of course great at entertaining themselves.. I think it is fun to bring everyone together for some great party games – even better 4th July Party games!!

Here are 7 GREAT PLAY IDEAS to help you have the best and fun 4th July party!

Patriotic 4th July Games


Don’t these partriotic games look great? Click through for full info:



Pin the flag!


4th July Ball Catcher

bean_bag_toss_game_17-200x300Upcycled 4th July Beanbag Toss


img_44104th July three legged race

101_0182_standardBalloon Pop


4th July Rocket Tin Can toss



Easy Papercup & Ball Game


Flag Tag Relay

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