New Years Eve party kids drinks

New Years Eve party kids drinksNew Years Eve party kids drinks

We love a party here at Fun Crafts Kids – you’ve probably guessed that already, so you’ll probably have figured too that there for New Year’s Eve is the party of all parties! If you are planning some Countdown Activities for Kids, read on!

We don’t want to leave the kids out of the fun, so we have an earlier party for them, where we play games, wear silly hats, and treat them to fun drinks like these spotted over on Sweet Little Peanut!

So check them out for their New Years Eve party kids drinks and lots more fun ideas too!

If you like more great ideas for young kids at New Year’s Eve, take a look at these Paper Plate Star Twirlers and New Year’s Eve Bubble Wands. Perfect for tots as well as SEN kids who need a calmer but still fun New Year’s Eve

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