Doll head planter and 10 of the best ideas for indoor garden upcycled pots Earth Day

Doll head planter and 10 of the best ideas for indoor garden upcycled pots Earth Day

10 of the best ideas for indoor garden upcycled pots for Earth Day – a round up

We LOVE the idea of repurposing old dolls and toys for indoor garden plant pots  – who doesn’t love a Doll head planter!
And with Earth Day on the 22nd April every year, it’s the perfect excuse to look at how we can work to lessen the impact of junk and throwaway items, and bring some nature into the house with these indoor garden DIY ideas. Nothing quite like starting a container garden!


Some look a bit ‘creepy’ and have made us chuckle, but some really are quite adorable, have a look through our favourite 15 and let us know what you think! Having an indoor garden is a great idea – not only do plants improve air quality, encouraging a child to care for a plant is a useful way to teach responsibility, and hey, cheaper than a pet! Here’s 10 of the best ideas for indoor garden upcycled pots for Earth Day.

Doll head planter

Let’s start with Carnivoregirl and all the eyelashes. We are totally in love with the idea of using old doll’s heads for indoor pots (as you will see – we found LOADS that you will love) – seriously, when you next in the thrift store (or charity shop as we call them here) don’t turn your back on that unwanted dolly, give her some love – bring her home, and plant her up with a succulent!)baby-doll-head-planter

Trolls with succulents for hair

Trolls!  Look out for old unloved dolls and trolls at yard sales, charity shops and give them a fun new life!
Plant them up with succulents for a really fun, low maintenance indoor garden.

Troll succulent plant pot

Character DIY planters

We couldn’t resist these fun characters? Planters made from household waste – look how fun these are for kids? Piglets and Minions… They would look fab in a classroom too, what an excellent project to celebrate Earth Day – from Debbie Williams

Cute Upcycled Planters for Kids

Halloween Doll Head planter

Soooo many fabulous photos of Doll’s heads – honestly, we love these ideas, and couldn’t resist a few more for inspiration – we can’t wait to get out into the garden and have some fun with these, have totally inspired us to have a go at making some of these Doll head planter pots for Halloween too!


How about upcycling some plastic bottles

Not just dolls heads – we love the idea of turning plastic bottles into something more natural and creative – have you seen these ideas for hanging baskets from Seam’s Deco & House? – These are just adorable…


Kitty Plastic bottle planters

Or these cuties from BruDIY – we LOVE the kitty planters – made with plastic bottles again!

Kitty Planter plastic bottle Upcycled

Hair Styling Doll for the garden

And THEN we spotted these amazing hair styling doll heads, turned into concrete garden planters too –
have a look here: aren’t they extraordinary! Can be used indoors of course, but wouldn’t these be great in the school yard, or your back garden?franglais designs doll head planter

Cabbage patch fun

Who remembers the Cabbage Patch Dolls? Oh my these are just brilliant, imagine them amongst the cabbages in your garden!
lolanovablog ‘turning heads’ with their doll head planter, as it were!

cabbage patch doll planter

All the doll heads!

and, again, couldn’t NOT share this Doll head planter shot –  if you want to really freak people out, why not go for a whole COLLECTION of dolls’ heads


Dino indoor planters

And if doll heads aren’t your thing, how about re-purposing your toy dinosaurs? Cut a hole in a plastic dinosaur. Spray paint it a funky colour. Pop a plant in it! Like these Dinosaur Planters DIY beauties from

Dinosaur Planters DIY

Denim jeans planter DIY

We have seen some really fun ideas for upcycling, and creating indoor planters that catch the eye and yet, it’s these completely bonkers denim blue jeans planter DIY ideas that really had us chuckling – so next time you are in the thrift store, have a rummage through the kids section, and pick up some toddler jeans – just look how fun these are! If you want to find out how to make these, do check out



Denim jeans planter DIY

DIY Marimekko Tin Can Planters

We all love a bit of bold colour in the garden, so how about this wonderful idea for Marimekko tin can planters  – you won’t believe how easy they are to make! click here

DIY Marimekko pots in the garden

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this selection of upcycled dolls, toys, charity shop jeans, and household waste – literally transformed into the most wonderful indoor gardens – don’t forget that there are SO many ideas for recycled crafts on our website – and we’d love you to tag us on social media too – you can find us @FunCraftsKids on twitter, facebook, and instagram – come say hello!

Here’s a useful link to more GARDEN ideas to inspire you, grab a cuppa and explore!


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