12 New Year’s Eve Ideas

12 New Year’s Eve Ideas

Yes!! It is almost time to celebrate the end ing of one year and beginning of the New Year! If you love to have a New Year’s Party of if you love to celebrate New Year’s Eve quietly.. you may still enjoy some of these New Year’s Eve ideas (I particularly like the Time Capsule, that you can also make on New Year’s Day!). Here are some ideas for everyone – some lovely “noise maker” makes for kids, some sophisticated bubble bottle decor and cute new year’s eve “fancy” dress ideas… would love to hear what YOU like doing for New Year’s Eve!

12 ideas for New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve Ideas:

New Year's Eve noise maker



These Party Poppers are SOOO quick and easy and fun to make!

New Years Eve Glitter Champagne Bottles b

Create your own DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles. Stunning NYE decoration!

New Years Eve party kids drinks

Fun New Year’s Eve Party Drinks for Kids!


these New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world make a for a great “count down” read…

new years eve confetti

Make your own Confetti Eggs (but I would throw these OUTSIDE! Ha!)


Super Simple Family Time Capsule idea! Add memories and goals!


new years eve crafts (2)

Wonderful set of customised masquerade masks!

Paper Crazy Glasses dress up

DIY Crazy Glasses! Fun fun fun!

New Years Eve Photo Idea

Or check out these DIY New Year’s Eve Photo Props!

New Years Eve CraftsSuper fun DIY Party HAts for New Years Eve!

New Year's Eve Crafts

Assemble your own New Year’s Eve Kit!

If you need MORE New Year’s Eve Ideas, take a look at these, as well as these brilliant New Year’s Eve Crafts:


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