18 Craft Stick Crafts

Hooray for the humble Craft Stick – that “classic” childhood craft material fuond in many an art box. These days it is easy to buy craft sticks in bulk – you can get them plain or in many different colours. My kids still enjoy saving and washing their “lolly sticks” – and we love to get crafty with those sorts of craft sticks t00. Here is a wonderful and amazing set of craft sticks crafts, get your creative juice flowing. From adorable Craft Stick Fairy Doors,  to quick and easy Craft Sticks Garden planters. A craft stick craft for everyone – regardless of age or time you have to complete your craft stick projects. Many of these craft stick crafts also make for lovely little gifts.

We have shared some craft stick affiliate links throughout this post to help you gather materials easily and quickly! Please do let us know if you like to see more or less of something! Now…

On to our fabulous craft stick crafts!! Woohoo!

18 Great Craft Stick Crafts via Fun Crafts Kids

First up we have:

craft stick bracelet

Craft Stick Rainbow Bracelet – how fun is this? Would be a wonderful friendship gift too!

Craft sticks - toy soldier ornament

Christmas may be a long way off, but I ADORE this Craft Stick Soldier

Craft stick project bird feeder

Clever Craft Stick Bird Feeder Idea!

Easy Craft Stick Garden Plant Markers

Simple but effective garden plant markers

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craft stick fairy door

Craft Stick Fairy Door – what serious cuteness!

DIY Toddler Craft Stick Dominos 3

Love how easy this Craft Stick Domino is to set up!

craft stick dolls

And these Craft Stick Dolls are simply ADORABLE! What a super simple idea!

Popsicle stick bow and arrow

Adorable Craft Stick Bow & Arrow for Valentine’s DayPopsicle stick notebook

This Craft Stick Notebook has to be one of my favourite ideas. I think it is simply fantastic!

popsicle ice lolly invite

Lolly Party Invites!

DIY Popsicle Game

Similarly a Lolly Matching Memory Game!


ADORE these beautiful craft stick stars!

washi tape bracelet

More craft stick bracelets – these ones are made with washi tape.

Shell Crafts - dollies

And more super cute craft stick dollies – ADORE the shell skirts!

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wine cork crafts airplane

Super fun Craft Stick Plane


Simple Craft Stick Bookmarks


GORGEOUS Craft Stick Snowflakes

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