3D umbrella DIY card

3D umbrella DIY card

3D umbrella DIY card

3D umbrella DIY cardApril Showers are on their way! So we’ve been looking at how we can make the most of this ‘rainy season’ and came across this 3D umbrella card!

The weather is a really interesting topic for crafting with kids, it’s something simple that they can relate to, and really enjoy conversing about – whether it’s rainbows, raindrops, or the sunshine – CLOUDS are a great topic too, and understanding the different weather patterns can be challenging, yet taught simply very very interesting!

So back to the topic of raindrops – we loved the simplicity of this craft from craftymorning.com teaching a child to ‘concertina’ the paper for the umbrella itself is fun, and this activity itself can be lent to many makes in the future too! And GOOGLY eyes – you can never have enough crafts with googly eyes!*

(We’ve even had fun with these, sticking them on all of the fruit in the fridge, but that’s another story!)

And how about those little finger prints for the rain drops? Just adorable – do tag us and crafty morning on instagram if you have a go at doing these yourself!

*googly eyes can be found here in the | UK
and here in the | US, affiliate links.



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