4th of July Strawberries

4th of July Strawberries

4th of July StrawberriesThese 4th of July Strawberries look fab!

Now with the advent of pinterest, we have all got a little swept along with celebrations from around the world. From Halloween to the 4th of July – so I think it’s safe to say we all know about Independence Day, and the stars and stripes really lend themselves to some amazingly eyecatching inventions!

These 4th of July Strawberries therefore of course caught our eye, and we are lucky enough to have Strawberries growing in our garden at this time of year, and SO want to have a go at doing this!

How fun, and even if kids don’t fully ‘get’ why people celebrate the 4th of July these Strawberries are sure to entice even the most reticent fruit eater to have a taste!!

So to find out more click here to read SassyDealz post on how to make 4th of July Strawberries.


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