Best Homemade Gift Ideas

Best Homemade Gifts Ideas

If a friend or family member is celebrating their birthday or anniversary soon, or it’s your own anniversary and you want to get the kids involved with making a special gift for your loved one, you’re probably looking for inspiration about what to make. Websites like can give you some helpful ideas, but homemade gifts are always the most special thing that you can receive, so get together with your little ones and get creative!

Capturing Photographic Memories

Photographic gifts are a brilliant idea for any special occasion. Not only are you giving a present that is decorative and attractive, you’re also giving something that captures a memory and takes the recipient back to a happy time. We all love to reminisce about those special moments, so get the kids to help you to create a fantastic photo collage that your loved one is sure to appreciate. You could go with a particular theme – perhaps a holiday that they’ve recently enjoyed or photos with their pets, or just find a selection of random images that go well together to make a fun memento of great times. One of the best homemade anniversary gifts ideas is a wedding day collage, or pictures of the couple across the years, from their early dates right up to the present. Even your youngest can help you to pick out their favourite pictures and assist you in arranging them in the most attractive way.

Give a Message in a Bottle

We all love receiving a gift that’s completely unique and out of the ordinary. When you need to find something perfect for a special occasion, a homemade message in a bottle is a fun and unusual idea that will delight those who love quirky and exciting presents. All you need is an empty glass bottle, some confetti or glitter and a heartfelt message that you’ve written yourself. You might want to use a famous poem or some quotes from the recipient’s favourite movie, novel or TV show. If you’re feeling artistic, you might want to design your own picture or write a poem of your own. Or why not just pour out all of your feelings in a letter from the heart? Ask your children to help you to decorate the bottle, to write their own messages or draw their own pictures to put inside, and you’ll have a fantastic gift that your loved one is sure to appreciate.

Giving Foodie Treats

All kids love having fun in the kitchen, so if you’re thinking of giving a loved one a homemade gift for their special day, consider a delicious foodie present. Get out your mixing bowls, check your cupboards for ingredients and whip up something amazing. Does your loved one have a sweet tooth? Then some simple cookies or decorated cupcakes are a great idea. If savoury is more their thing, you can create a batch of tangy chutney or some tasty salty or herby crackers. Homemade jam is always a favourite, or have fun making some gorgeous hand crafted chocolates, truffles or sweets. Children will have lots of fun mixing, stirring and decorating, so you’re sure to get plenty of help from the little ones, especially when it comes to licking the spoon clean!

Decorate Some Homewares

Cotton Bud painted plates

Everybody loves a gift that they can keep forever. Presents that last a lifetime can be kept as a special reminder of happy occasions and bring a smile to the recipient’s face time and again. If you’re considering giving a long-lasting memento to your loved ones for their birthday or anniversary, some hand-decorated homewares are a brilliant suggestion. You can buy mug or glass decorating kits online or in stores that will enable you and your little ones to make a beautiful token of appreciation, or if you’re feeling creative you can invest in some acrylic, porcelain or glass paints and come up with your own designs. Let the little ones make their own patterns or pictures and you’ll give your loved ones a souvenir of their big day for years to come.

Whatever you decide, you can be sure that when you and your little ones make a homemade present, you’ll never fail to delight and impress.

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