button bird ornaments

button bird ornamentsButton bird ornaments

Oh you know us, we love an upcycled craft here at FunCraftsKids don’t we? And particularly if the NEW things that have been created are even more beautiful than the things they are upcycled FROM!

So when we spotted these beautiful birds from houseinsideout.blogspot.co.uk we knew we wanted to give them a try – button crafts are really fun, and if there is one thing we are glad we inherited from my Granny it’s our ‘button box’ – how many times have I as a child pored over these shiny delights, and now my children are doing the same thing – and we are learning to be creative together with them – I know they will adore these birds, however, I can imagine that they will be having a go at creating Robots and Airplanes too knowing them!

Check out even more beautiful button bird ornaments over on houseinsideout.blogspot.co.uk

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  1. Linda Winchell at 1:03 am

    I just love these little critters~! I volunteer my time at three senior citizens locations here in Michigan and would love to have the how to’s on making these birds. I have tried 18 gauge wire and a wooden board that I’ve drawn the bird on and place nails in it so I can get the right bends on my wire. And old buttons as well as recycled plastic bottles and food trays cut into circles and triangles work well in place of using pop can tin. Just color them with permanent markers. But would like to know the correct length of wire YOU use to make your button bird please. God bless, Linda Winchell