10 Car Crafts Round up

10 Car Crafts Round up

Eeek – well, we found LOADS of car crafts for you this week – you just love them when we post them on our facebook page, so we thought we’d have a go at putting them all in one place for you – enjoy this 10 Car Crafts Round up!

10-Car-Crafts-Round-UpWe are mad keen on cars on this blog – if we don’t have enough ready made toys cars, we’re building them out of lego!
Let’s start with something edible! traffic light cookies and car cookies!


we rather fell in love with this fabulous homemade car costume – how cute and very English is this little Mini!

homemade car costume

We love a bit of car racing fun too, in fact let’s plan an entire Cars the Movie, themed party!



A rocky road indeed – with this stone track created from rocks


All you need is a shoe box, and you have your very own toy car garage

garage car craft

And what about creating your own car track with washi tape?

washi tape car track

And here’s one for the long car journeys… car bingo!

Road Trip Bingo

and here’s some MORE cars this time made from toilet tubes of course!

toilet roll cars

And if you find your toy car collection getting out of hand, try this car art!

david t waller cars

you knew you kept those cartons for some reason, get it? car-tons?? racing car-tons! How fun has this 10 Car Crafts Round up been!

Cardboard Tube Racing Cards

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