Cardboard Crafts: ROBOTS!

cardboard robots craftsTime for the best recycled craft for boys and girls. Cardboard is such a versatile and “easily to hand” craft material, so that it makes perfect sense to use cardboard when crafting with kids! We are always on the look out for new cardboard craft ideas, that are fun and easy to do. These little movable Robot puppets fit the bill. Love that you use basic shapes to create your robots and they look great fun to play with. A great opportunity to discuss shapes and patterns too. So something for all age groups I think!

Now, where did I put that cardboard?!

You can get “Brads” (those pin things) in lots of colours (UK readers) here: brads¬†and fun multicoloured/ sized ones (US readers) here – coloured brads.

Visit Ambrosia Girl for full instructions!

(If you like to construct, take a look at this DIY Craft Stick Catapult too!)

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  1. Alison at 12:58 am

    I love that it is has so little prep work but is so cute and it can be made to be simple or I can get out the paints and utilize multiple art/craft “techniques”. Thanks so much.