Recycled Crafts: Shampoo Bottle Monsters

Recycled Crafts - pen holdersThese monster pencil holders sure made me giggle. A genius way to recycle shampoo bottles! I have to say, using shampoo bottles to craft with is not something I have explore yet. But it is such a great idea, as so many shampoo bottles come in so many fabulous colours and are made of really hard and durable plastic. These monster pen holders are a perfect way to use some of your shampoo bottles up, and I tell you, I am going to look at shampoo bottles in a brand new light from now on!!! In fact, I am off upstairs to have a look at what colours we have.

Find out how to make these pencil holders from Madam Criativa!

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  1. preet kaur at 11:02 am

    Hello, please can you send the procedure of making the pencil holder..please neend details.