Carved Crayons

Carved Crayons

carved crayonsAmazing Carved Crayons.

We’ve all got a stash of wax crayons haven’t we? They are a really affordable versatile creative tool, loved by babies first learning to make marks, to toddlers creating shapes, and letters… and older kids too who love a bit of leaf or coin rubbing.

Seeing these lovely carvings from Diem Chau online, we tracked down the original source, and here’s her website

Her work is completely stunning, and I’m sure took hours of practice – she uses Crayola crayons and carves each crayon with amazing detail.

As we use our crayons less and less these days, as the kids get older, we are definitely going to have a try at these carved crayons – and if all else fails – browse through Diem Chau’s work here (we’re just wondering if she does anything fun with the carved off-cuts!)


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