DIY Edible Finger Paint Recipe

DIY Edible Finger Paint Recipe


We love getting messy in our house. Crafts and art have been something that we have done with both kids from a very young age! Luckily, our kids were relatively good at “not putting everything into their mouth”, but we know that no all families are that lucky. And some kids will simply eat everything! So when you are trying to get creative, you REALLY do not want them to constantly eat everything, now do you? Enter your DIY Edible Finger Paint recipe! Yay. It is edible in as much, that it won’t harm your child. Clearly it is still an opportunity to try and teach your child, that not everything has to go into their mouths. But the key thing is, that you don’t have to worry with this edible finger paint. And it looks FABULOUS too!

We recommend the beautiful and vibrant AmericColor Fingerpaints to US readers and Sugarflair to UK readers. They are strong vibrant food gel dyes.

Check out the rest of this wonderful edible fingerpaint recipe over at Hello Bee.

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