Cereal Box Boat

Cereal box boat

what’s not to love about this little craft – we so want to have a go at making a cereal box boat!

cereal box boat

It works on so many levels for us, it’s a craft which you can do with (or without) the children, you get to use up an old cereal box, thus diverting it from landfill – it’s a total circular economy this one – from cradle to cradle as they say!

Look – you get to use up old newspaper, and old buttons – you have fun making the cereal box boat, and a whole lot of fun decorating it, and then PLAYING with it!

We really are drawn to crafts like this one – anything that diverts rubbish from landfill, and turns it into something as very wonderful as these little boats is alright with us! Who’s in?!

Make sure to tag us over on instagram #FunCraftsKids as we love to see what you are making too!

Told you it was a cool craft right?? And for full instructions, bob on over to Craftuts.comĀ 


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