Chinese New Year Dog Crafts

Chinese New Year Dog Crafts

Chinese New Year Dog Crafts

It’s no secret that we LOVE our pets here in the UK – so it’s our absolute delight that this Chinese New Year is the YEAR OF THE DOG! Check out our selection of Chinese New Year Dog Crafts.

Dog-Crafts-from-FunCraftsKidsHere are a few Easy Dog Craft DIY ideas for you, all of these crafts are easy to do with toddlers, as well as more experienced independent crafters, and use materials easily to hand.  Starting with who have created this gorgeously simple paper plate craft, click through for all of the photos showing you the easy stages to make this fab Puppy Dog Craft.


And one of our favourites has had some fun with a paper bag – hoping you love this one as much as we do, simple design, great fun for playing with once you’ve created you paper bag puppy puppet!

We couldn’t resist this one, simply because we KNOW how mucky puppies can get, and what better way of joining in with the fun than to get grubby with them and shows us how to get us all clean afterwards!Wash a pet dog toddler

Continuing the theme of puppetry we came across these ADORABLE puppy puppets from – Maggy has LOADS of Puppy Dog crafts over on her website, so it was difficult to select just one – these caught our eye though, as they can tell a story all of their own, make, create, and how about producing a little video story with them too! Be sure to check out Maggy’s YouTube Channel for lots of paper crafts you’ll love.


We do love a chocolate treat, who doesn’t! Well, obviously, human chocolate is a bit toxic for dogs, so we’ll stick to making our own edible human-only sausage dog treats  – what better way to celebrate a dog-themed party! Click here for the how-to.Chocolate Dog

Papier Mache – Oh we LOVE Paper Mache – so much so that we would collect old newspapers, just on the off chance we are feeling creative over the weekend – it’s such an amazingly free resource right? And easy to use (although you do need a bit of patience whilst it’s drying) – How apt that we discovered this Puppy Dog DIY craft over on – full instructions and photos there. This craft is adorable if you don’t have your own pet puppy dog – make your own!

papermache dog

We hope you enjoy this selection of Chinese New Year Dog Crafts, make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – have a lovely time crafting y’all!


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