DIY Water Blobs

DIY Mini Water Blobs – Summer FUN!!!

Now my kids are at that age, where they can spend ALL DAY playing outdoors in the summer.8-how-to-make-mini-water-blob

And they love nothing more than playing with water – be it playing the our paddling pool (you never grow too old for a paddling pool!!), or playing with water bombs (be it diy water bombs, or playing water balloon pinata)… or simply having water gun fights… Once they have tired of all that play, they may want to have some giggly relaxing fun in the sun with these fabulous DIY Water Blobs!

If you haven’t seen Water Blobs before these, are just the coolest, funnest and oddly most comfortable blobby things to lean back and relax on. The kids will adore them. And love these individual Mini Water Blobs.. great for each child to have their own!

What a fun idea for a summer party – DIY Water Blobs will be the craft you will want to share with all of your friends…

Hop over to the seriously amazing Hellowonderful for full tutorial!


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