Christmas Reindeer Cookies

Christmas Reindeer Cookies


With the holidays JUST around the corner, we have so much fun planned for the Christmas table – Christmas Reindeer Cookies are right up there on the list, simply because they are the cutest thing I have ever seen this side of….. Christmas!

We’ve all made the gingerbread men, turned them upside down and made them into reindeers right? Well, this is the easier alternative, and you can even buy some regular cookies and just decorate them in the same way as shows us over on their website…

Talk about a quick and fun way to spend an afternoon – toooooo cute huh?!

And perfect too as a Christmas gift – we all like a bag of cookies right? 🙂

For the plastic food gift bags you can find these HERE in the UKfollow and HERE in the USAfollow (affiliate links)

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