Clothes Peg Hungry Caterpillar

Clothes Peg Hungry CaterpillarClothes Peg Hungry Caterpillar

Oh how we love the simple clothes peg, or clothes pin as some call them!
They really are a most essential kit in one’s day to day life running a home, but who knew, before we started crafting with our children, quite how essential they are to our craft table too!

Crazy though this seems, we have even bought extra (click here if you’re in the UK) JUST for crafting purposes! Click here if you are the US for an affiliated link.

This fab clothes peg caterpillar craft from TheBottomsUp blog really tugged at our heart strings – who DOESN’T love this Classic Eric Carle book?! And to make your own, very simple clothes peg hungry caterpillar, is truly a delight – just click here to find out how

For more clothes peg crafting try this giraffe too!



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