Clothes Peg Giraffe

Clothes peg giraffe

It’s often the simplest of household craft materials that inspire and delight a child (and their parent!) so we are totally in LOVE with this clothes peg giraffe!

clothes peg giraffe

And how we love a PEG (or clothes pin) here at Fun Crafts Kids – so when we spotted this fabulous clothes peg giraffe over on we could not resist sharing it here!

Date for your calendar:

The Giraffe even has it’s own special DAY
Thursday, 21 June
World Giraffe Day 2018

So you can see that as a well loved creature, they really do inspire people to pay attention, and talk about them – which is why this idea for a super cute Clothes peg giraffe really is wonderful! It’s VERY easy and quick to do, and hey, a craft material MOST of us SHOULD have at home right?

And a low cost craft for a nursery or school project too.

Giraffes are a fabulous animal to craft – whether with paper mache, or toilet rolls, however these crafts often take longer than a small child with a short attention span can cope with (or some parents for that matter!) So we really enjoyed reading how to make this clothes peg giraffe, and could imagine making up a whole savanna full of them! Get your hands off my clothespins!

Here’s a couple of other clothes peg crafts we love:

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Click here to read ‘how to’ and we would love to see how yours turn out!



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