Collapsible Cardboard House

Collapsible Cardboard House

Collapsible Cardboard box house

A Collapsible Cardboard Box House – what more could you want?

Kids just love making dens or a playhouse, they take a couple of chairs, drape over some sheets, and voila, a little house to play in.

Trouble is for us, if they do this inside the home on a rainy day, they want to KEEP the den exactly how it is, and can’t bear it when it’s time for bed and the den needs dismantling.

So we make a cardboard box house… and we snuggle inside with some books, a blanket, and their favourite cuddly toys and lego – YET – it takes up so much room, you can no longer see the carpet!

So – and wow – this Collapsible Cardboard Box House is so cool, because it does exactly what it says on the tin – it collapses when it’s time for bed!

We just love the use of the coloured tape too, and it would be a great decorating craft session to paint on some windows on the outside, and perhaps decorate with off cuts of wallpaper on the inside too!

To find out EXACTLY how to make this charming Collapsible Cardboard Box House  click here

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