Colourful Wood Windchimes

Colourful Wood Windchimes

I have a thing for “painted wood”  – be it painted sticks, or like this case, painted bamboo. Looking for some Musical Instrument Crafts?colourful Wood Windchimes

It has long long long been on my to do list – especially painting drift wood… aaah.

And what I love more, is when you take an activity like this and turn into something “functional” (well kind of functional), here the painted bamboo sticks are turned into wonderful wind chimes. Love love love. And certainly on my to do list with the kids. A real collaborative project too!

These are just so pretty, we really can’t wait to have a go at making them, and hearing them gently chime out in the garden. Perhaps you have a grandparent to make these for? Wouldn’t they look lovely in a nursery or care home garden too – so decorative, and lovely to know that you’ve had a hand in creating something so special x

Don’t forget to tag us over on instagram @funcraftskids – we love to see what you are making – we hope that our ‘finds’ really inspire you as much as they inspire us – happy making.

Find out all about these lovely windchimes over on Apartment Therapy


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  1. Lea at 4:41 am

    Can I Ask what did you use for coloring the Stucka?