Cookies in a jar

Cookies in a jar

Cookies in a jarCookies in a jar – perfect for the store cupboard.

We all love a cookie – admit it, and baking with kids is great fun too – watching the science of mixing different ingredients together to MAKE something like cookies, biscuits or a cake.

So the classic cookies in a jar is a great gift idea, to either make for Granny and present with a ribbon and a personalised label, or to keep in the cupboard for when you fancy some cookies and there are simply none in the house!

Again we love an activity that works across the ‘create, construct, enjoy’ spectrum and cookies in a jar is a fab way of saving jam jars from the recycling centre – So when you next finish a jar of jam, wash it out, and put it ‘somewhere safe’ from those over keen to recycle in your house (you know the types!) remember to keep the lid too.

Make up several cookies in a jar in one go, to keep for a rainy day, or as a bulk Christmas present idea – for full instructions click here


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