Cork Bunny Craft


Cork Bunny Craft

If you are looking for a cute and simple Bunny Craft to make TODAY..Cork-Bunny-craft-Pysselbolaget-7

look no further, I mean, how cute cute cute cute are these little cork bunnies? Super simple, super cute, I know my kids will love to make these and play with them all day long. They make a super cork craft (we have a WHOLE BAG full of corks that the in laws collect for us), so I know that we WILL be making some of these adorable little bunny corks.

Visit Pysselbolaget  for information on exact materials used!

We have a couple more  cork crafts for you here and LOTS more cork crafts for all seasons of here!

Or take a peak at these wonderful Easter Crafts! So many great ideas!

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  1. Terri Betz at 4:08 am

    These are adorable! I pinned them they are so cute! Love your site! So many wonderful things! Thanks for sharing your art with us!