DIY Animal Keychains

DIY Animal Keychains

DIY Animal Keychains

DIY animal keychainOh these are so much fun! I knew I kept our animals for a reason, let’s make a keychain…

We’ve always had a massive collection of little plastic animals, and as our kids have grown older, it’s the one box of toys we have been loath to part with. The box doesn’t take up much room, and the kids actually really enjoy getting them out from time to time (don’t tell anyone!)

Also, it’s a great way of entertaining smaller visitors too – how lovely an Auntie am I keeping toys in for little ones when they visit?!

Anyway, you can find these little plastic animals at thrift stores, keep your eyes peeled… Or ask friends to look out for them for you, they are EVERYwhere.

So we are going to have a go at making these, they look pretty simple to make, for all the instructions click over to gingersnapsblog here

We love a recycling project, and this one is perfect for recycle week this week too – let’s call it an upcycle, taking something old, and making it into something new, can’t go wrong eh! This would be a fab idea for a school classroom craft project too, affordable and fun, and a great Mother’s Day gift don’t you think?

Find these keychain findings here in the US 
here in the UK 

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