Paper Ball Ornaments

Paper Ball Ornaments

Paper Ornaments by Carols N Molina

I ADORE paper crafts! I find it amazing what you can make from a humble piece of paper – so many great idas out there. Here is one such great paper craft – these fantastic paper “bauble” ornaments. As you can see here these ones have a “Love” element to them, so you can make and use them at so many different occassions – as Christmas ornaments, as wedding decor, as a small Valentine’s Day gifts.. the opportunities are endless. They are made by Carlos N Molina. I couldn’t find the tutorial on his website BUT he has made a YouTube video for you to see.. which tells you all you need to know! Do check out his site and youtube channel for other amazing creations!

You can see how to make Paper Ball Ornaments here:


Before you begin, it is great to stock up one some lovely Origami Paper or colourful paper pads (not construction paper, but paper that also fits into printers, it is lighter and better for folding)! We like to use a mixture of plain colours and pattern paper. You can get them quickly and easy online!!!

origami paper washi origami paper

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