DIY Button Art Tree

DIY Button Art TreeDIY Button Art Tree

Buttons have always featured in my life – from my Grandma’s button box, to the big tin of buttons handed down to me from my own Mother – we played with them constantly – it was a real treat to be allowed to tip them all on to a tray and sort them into colours and shades!

Back in ‘the old days’ buttons were not quite as colourful as they are now – and you can pick up a pack of assorted buttons quite cheaply – which means that you can get up to all SORTS of creative fun with them!

Let’s have a look at this fab DIY Button Art Tree from  teach kids art stuff – we really love the movement in this tree, sort of Bonsai like! and also the use of several shades of just one colour – a great craft for old and young alike! What a great craft activity for Granny to do with the kids too! click here for more ideas

We’ve found some great packs of buttons here in the UK,  and here in the US *

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