DIY cork bee mobile

DIY cork bee mobile

DIY cork bee mobile

DIY cork bee mobileIt’s that time of year – you walk under a tree and the NOISE from the buzzing of the bees is amazing!

We all love honey right? Well – let’s enjoy and save the bees whilst we have a chance. We found an amazingly informative poster by Hannah Rosengren over on misakomimoko’s blog – showing all of the best flowers to grow to encourage bees – and what an amazing little craft project too!

A great craft to do together to discuss the plight of the bee – and what we can do to save them, and a really simple craft for smaller kids to do, you just have to save some wine corks, that’s all! (shouldn’t be too tricky, but you can buy them in bulk – see link below)

This would be a brilliant classroom activity, and takes the kids outdoors too to collect the materials to make the ‘halo’ – for full instructions and fabulous photos (and that save the bees poster we mentioned earlier) click through and check out misakomimoko here

Cork tops can be found here in the US and here in the UK
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And if you’d like to know more about how we can save the bees, click here

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