Butterfly Life Cycle – Paper Plate Craft

Butterfly Life Cycle – Paper Plate Craft

butterfly life cycle paper plate craft

My kids and I LOVE exploring life cycles. We have been “hatching” butterflies for the last 3-4 years and are fascinated by the caterpillar to butterfly life cycle process. It really is an amazing experience to see the wonders of nature for yourself. To go with our Butterfly Life Cycle activity, I simply adore these oh so clever paper plate craft! It shows in a super simple but also bright and cheerful way – the 4 main butterfly life cycle steps. I know the kids will ADORE doing this as part of any life cycle plan and sure beats simply “cutting out and sticking”.

Find out more from Buggy & Buddy today and see the process they went through to make this wonderful educational craft for kids. More great Butterfly Crafts for Preschoolers here!

Also, why not take a peak at this fabulous Butterfly Hatching Kit, we can’t recommend it enough!

butterfly life cycle kit

This is the Butterfly Garden Kit we used and we love it! We have gifted it to school a couple of times too. Such a brilliant and amazing experience!

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