DIY Photo Wall Hanging

DIY Photo Wall Hanging

DIY Photo Wall Hanging

DIY Photo Wall HangingIn our house we love taking beautiful photos, capturing the memories and putting them on display but it can be hard to find new and interesting ways to display them so we love this DIY Photo Wall Hanging!


We have so many ways to take photos now with cameras at the tips of our fingers, and things are so busy that it can almost be an afterthought to go and put them on display or have the photographs printed on metal. How many beautiful photos do you have sitting on your phone, tablet, laptop, that should be brought to justice by being printed out and displayed on the walls of your home?

Not only does the presence of photos in your home create a homely and family feel, but it can be stylish and a trendy way to upgrade your home, at almost no cost! We’re all Instagram experts, now it’s time to show that off at home!

This DIY Photo Wall Hanging idea is pretty versatile and could be used to adapt pretty much any theme! From a big collection of your favourite selfies from nights out on the town to family memories, there are unending options and ways to personalise this idea!

Hanging your photos in this style is a great way to break up solid colour walls in your home, but also means photos can be displayed without taking up precious surface space!

Try with primary colours, for a pop art and vibrant theme, or use old pictures for your DIY Photo Wall Hanging in black and white/sepia for a vintage feel!

A great gift idea here too – make a collection of you and your friends favourite selfies/group photos as a cute birthday handmade and personalised gift!

How you personalise your hanging wall is up to you, but the initial intention stays the same – you’re displaying your favourite memories in your home.

Here’s a great tutorial for a modern and trendy DIY hanging photo wall!


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