Simple Leaf Wreath for Fall

Simple Leaf Wreath for Fall

Hooray Autumn is here and with the arrival of Autumn (or FALL), we are also looking forward to lots of Autumn Crafts, above all LEAF CRAFTS. We love DIY Fall Garland ideas and Fall Wreathes.

Leaf-Wreath-3Leaves are simply so beautiful – they are fascinating in their different shapes and details and at this time of the year come in so many wonderful and different colours.

And you know, it’s not just about the finished craft is it? We love to get out and about before it gets dark in the late afternoon – scavenging for the prettiest leaf, and planning our makes – and even in early autumn this is fun as the colours of the leaves are all so different – check out this idea here on instagram:


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All those yellows, reds, oranges and browns. Leaf crafts are simply wonderful and so is this BRILLIANT but effective leaf wreath (ideally hang near a window to let the sun light it up!). Isn’t it simply STUNNING?! Beautiful indeed.


Find out how to make it over on Thinly Spread

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