DIY Table Cloth House

DIY Table Cloth House Tutorial

Soooo, I adore homemade gifts for the kids. There is nothing more satisfying, than making something wonderful that the kids adore to play with! This day and age, many of us are tight for space, so there are limited number and type of toys that my kids can have. As I child I was always drawn to my friend’s Wendy House – we used to play for HOURS in it. Now I have my own kids, I would love them to having similar. We don’t really have space in the garden and we certainly don’t have space in the house… or do we? Enter this wonderful Table Cloth House or Table Cloth Fort? Isn’t this simply precious? What a great way to create space in a smaller home and to allow for the kids to have lots of pretend play fun. What a fantastic gift. Admittedly, the website that has this post doesn’t provide a detailed how to *AT THE MOMENT*, however, I think it it is a brilliant inspiration..

Do go and visit Meaningful Mama to see if anything has been added, but also to read all about their Table Cloth Fort Tea party!

(PS why not involve the kids in your sewing projects and start teaching your kids to sew?!)

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