10 fabulous flower crafts – a round up

10 fabulous flower crafts – a round up

So as we say goodbye to summer, we don’t need to be saying farewell to flowers just yet as we have selected 10+ of our favourite flower crafts in this fabulous flower round up – we hope you enjoy!


Let’s start with these most beautiful PAPER magnolias – yes they really are home-made! they look so real don’t they?!


And then we move on to the prettiest, most edible of edible flowers! On cookies – they are SO pretty – it’s almost a shame to eat them, quick, get them on instagram!

Lavender Shortbread

So if you’ve been following the blog, you know we’re a bit mad of WEAVING – and this idea of using the beautiful aroma of lavender to weave has really got our creative juices going – one of our favourites!

weaving with lavender

Now this is an old classic, the needle felted flowers – takes me back to making Easter bonnets when I was a child myself, really fun to do and make, and look, you can even sew them onto a hat!

needle felted flowers

Paper cupcake cases have so much crafting potential it has to be said, and if you have enough of them, in different colours, look, you can make a beautiful cupcake case flower garland!

cup cake case flowers

Another old favourite in the craft materials bag – Crepe Paper – love how you can reshape and restructure the paper, and what lovely flowers you can make!

Flower Crafts crepe paper

You can never have enough button love can you? Seriously, we LOVE our button tin, and we always know there will be just the right colour to make a whole GARDEN of button flowers!

Spring Button Flowers

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this, a massive spoon flower mirror, made from used plastic spoons!

plastic spoon flower

SO much fun, paint splattering with spin art – love it, but look, blossoming out of the mess, beautiful spin art flowers! adorable….

Salad Spinner crafts - 3D flowers

Egg boxes – NEVER throw away an egg box again, too precious a craft material for the recycling box, add some colour to your front door with these wonderful egg carton flower wreaths. 

egg carton wreath finished

Oh me, oh my, flowers? made from paper plates? and worn in the hair? Whatever next, and so pretty too!


And to add to the hair fancying – let’s not forget that felt and buttons go hand in hand when it comes to hair clips – so easy to do, and you’ll feel a touch of pride wearing these!

redtedart button flowers

 Enjoy! And pop back soon for more fabulous crafts just like these 🙂

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