DIY Train Set Foam Bath Toys

DIY Train Set Foam Bath Toys

DIY Train Set Bath Toy

These DIY Train Set Foam Bath Toys is inspired!

When my children were really tiny, they had evenings when they LOVED the bath, and they had evenings when they HATED bathtime!

Finding unique and fun, engaging toys can be tricky, and we relied heavily on a plethora of plastic shop bought fun toys, their favourite being a set of quite expensive foam bath toys farm animals which you could stick to the side of the bath, or the bathroom wall above the bath. In fact, I have happy memories of my eldest practicing his baby signing, pointing at a foam bath toy cow on the wall and signing at the same time, aaah, bless…

They have long grown out of their farm yard foam bath toys stickies, however Grandma STILL keeps a bucket of foam bath toys letters at her house for bathtime, and they still love to spell out their names and funny sentences – great fun!

So I WISH I had thought to make some of these foam bath toys, clever crafulate has cracked it – check out their full post and ‘how to’ here.

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