Dreaming of horses and unicorns!

Dreaming of horses and unicorns!

Dreaming of horses and unicorns

There’s something about horses and unicorns that just seems to rock our creative juices!

We do love to sit down with the colouring pencils and get dreaming and drawing – what would our pet unicorn look like, what colour would our dream horse’s main be?? Purple, green?

My-Dream-horse-funcraftskids drawing

We dream of galloping on the beach on our horse, or flying through the air to our palace on the back of our unicorn – or bringing it back down to earth and maybe having a share in a local horse at the stables around the corner – now wouldn’t that be nice!


And if that’s not a go-er, how about simply drawing your dream horse and asking someone to make it into a plushy soft toy for you!

That’s what we did earlier this summer, with clear instructions for how fluffy the horse’s mane would be and how shiny his hooves?! And the bonus of having a plushy dream horse? Doesn’t need to eat so much hay, doesn’t need his/her hooves trimming, and there’s no mucking-out required either!

We honestly can’t believe how well this turned out, have you ever had a go at making your own soft toy version of your drawings? We love the idea of using old sweatshirts as the fleece material  – maybe an old school sweater? What a lovely way to upcycle old garments.

If however, a dream horse is not enough for you, and you REALLY want your own Pet Horse, here’s some top tips for buying your own:

A. Try friends’ horses
To help decide what sort of horse you want to buy ride lots of different types of horses.

B. Are you insured to try the horse?
Make sure you are insured to ride the horses you try, not all of the horses will be insured for any rider.

C. Try everything yourself
Before you buy a horse make sure you try the horse, jumping, hacking, cantering…

D. Ask about previous injuries and illnesses
Make sure you find out about any potential horse’s history. You can ask for vet records to help make your decision.

E. Always view the horse more than once
See the horse more than once to get a better picture of what is normal for the horse and to make sure you are happy with your decision.

We found more tips here: www.petplanequine.co.uk/events/best-practice

Or just get crafty and design your very own!


This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine Petplan Equine Horse Insurance, but all thoughts are my own

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