Easter craft: bunny bags

Easter craft: bunny bags

Easter Craft Bunny themed treat Bags

These bunny bags are a such a fun Easter craft!

We love the idea of creating unique party bags for our children’s parties, whether made from old comics, or creating individually decorated themed bags like these Easter craft bunny bags – they are almost more fun than the goodies inside!

Easter has become so popular as a themed party, I am sure that before the advent of Pinterest we were not quite so aware of all of the Easter themed activities around the world! We rather liked these wonderful Easter craft bunny bags, and jdaniel4smomo.com have made these even more special by making them especially for their teachers at school!

Using recycled materials for the Easter craft bunny bags too, which made us very happy!

Click here to read the full ‘how to’ post from  jdaniel4smom.com

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