Easy sewing patterns for kids

Easy sewing patterns for kids

easy sewing patterns for kidsWhat sweet easy sewing patterns for kids!

We do rather enjoy a bit of sewing… We were lucky enough to have mothers and grandmothers who could sew, (not being gender specific here, that’s just how it was then!)

I have incredibly fond memories of my school summer dresses and school party dresses being made by my mother, the fabric’s and patterns spread over the dining table, the shiny pins, and chalk, the drum of the electric sewing machine noise.

So it’s down to them that our interest in sewing continues, even if now the extent of sewing stretches as far as cushion covers, and hemming of school trousers!

Easy sewing patterns for kids encourages fine motor skills, and both my boys are very dexterous when it comes to sewing, which will stand them in good stead at some point I am sure!

Encourage your children to try these easy sewing patterns for kids from mrprintables featured here

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  1. Barkha Bijlani at 8:46 pm

    How do I make these easy sewing patterns. . Where wil v get the material.

  2. Mn at 4:42 pm

    I’ve clicked and clicked and clicked…and no, can’t find them

  3. Tracey at 4:45 pm

    Hi, I have just tried to access these patterns via your ‘featured here’ tag and it brings up a 404 error – page cannot be accessed or deleted.

  4. Meg at 7:52 pm

    “featured here” link goes to a 404 not found page. I’d love the link! 😀