Egg Carton Craft Whale

Egg Carton Craft Whale

Egg Carton Craft Whale

Egg Carton Craft WhaleWe totally love a craft which starts as one thing – and ends up almost totally unrecognisable as something else!
Particularly if the craft material is destined for landfill, and by using it, you are tapping into that whole #ZeroWaste thing, as this makes us so happy!

Check out this really cute Whale – just look at the little cutie, it’s an egg carton right, can you see? And look – now it’s a whale!
This is such a cute craft, and we love the idea of making a whole classroom full of them, a really simple nursery school craft – as the materials are so affordable (and in the case of the egg carton, free!)

We also love the idea of taking a fabulous book – such as the Julia Donaldson classic Snail and the Whale – and then having a go at making the whale – as this really makes for a fun read – and the child’s imagination can just run wild! We’ve done this – and found our little ones playing with the craft acting out the story too – what a great idea eh?!

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