Embroidery thread lampshade

Embroidery thread lampshade

Embroidery thread lampshade

SO, Embroidery thread, for a lampshade? – a wonderful and versatile craft material it turns out! Embroidery thread is easily available (also known as stranded cotton) and just look what you can make with it!

It’s not all about delicate embroidery, although, don’t get me started, I do love an embroidered illustration – but more on that in another post… Let’s have a look at what fabricadeimaginacion.com has done here.

We LOVE that this is thinking a little bit outside of the box, and it’s something a child could easily have a go at too, to add a bit of colourful personality to their bedroom – or to make as a gift perhaps?

And this Embroidery thread lampshade looks as if it would be a really therapeutic project to take on, choosing the colours to work with a particular room you may have in mind, and developing the pattern as you build your design – we love it!

So for more fab and innovative crafts like this, do go and check out fabricadeimaginacion.com here 

LOVE this gif too!! All craft projects should come with a gif! 🙂

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