Eric Carle Frog Craft

Eric Carle Frog Craft

Eric-Carle frog craft

Eric Carle Frog Craft

Oh we love a good animal craft and there is just something so lovely about the frog right?

We often see them hopping about when we go for walks, and they are such fascinating creatures! They often appear in story books, turning into Princes and whatnot – so they are so prevalent in our childrens’ lives.

What’s your favourite Frog story?? We love the Frog Prince, oh and Eric Carle’s ‘Hello, Red Fox’: Mama Frog is quite surprised when she arrives at Little Frog’s birthday party. Because, Red Fox looks green to her! She views Orange Cat as blue…and she just doesn’t know what to do. Children are asked to choose the ‘correct’ colour for each of the animals and to sort out the mystery of Little Frog and all his friends of various colours.

We love it, so much so that the idea of creating crafts inspired by a FROG is right up our street, we can’t wait to get started on this adorable Eric Carle style Frog craft, just look at them aren’t they adorable!

For all the details (particularly how they make that cool skin patternation) check out the website for details.


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