Fabric Recycled Juggling Balls

Fabric Recycled Juggling Balls

This Summer I challenge you to learn something NEW – or more to the point, the kids to learn something new.fabric upcycling juggling balls

You have all those long Summer Days and there is plenty of time to practice.. so try your hand at JUGGLING? What do you think?

The best bit is, you can upcycle old fabric (t-shirt, shirts, PJs) to make these funky juggling balls.

How cool. Make them smaller for small hands and bigger for big hands. Brilliant recycled craft indeed! You can make whole sets of them and give them to friends too – then they can practice at home as well.

Plus – you’ll never believe this, June 16th is World Juggling Day  – so come on, get working on those ball skills – and if nothing else you’ll have fun making these Fabric Recycled Juggling Balls x

So. Hop over to Maya Made for full info!

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