Felt bear ornament DIY

Felt bear ornament DIY

Felt bear ornament DIY

How Christmassy we are feeling already here at Fun Crafts Kids – And it’s not even December yet!

Felt Bear Ornament

Still, we don’t mind an early start, getting ahead of ourselves, and how very lovely it is to sit down and make your own DIY Christmas ornaments for the tree – we totally fell in love with this little brown felt bear, how cute is he?! (or she….)

We love working with felt, it is a craft material that is relatively low cost, and in fact, if you have an old sweatshirt that’s destined for the garbage, you could indeed turn that inside out and use it as an alternative to felt?

You could make all sorts of decorations for the Christmas tree, or indeed it would work really well for a bookmark too!

And if you pop over to liagriffith.com you’ll find a fox, a deer and a cute squirrel too – along with a free downloadable pattern for the little brown bear!




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